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There is only one Presence and Power in the Universe & in my life. God, the Good, the Omnipotent - Rev. Ruth Ann Elmer

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Give Your Soul a Rest

Give your soul a rest by fasting from worry, weakness, bad temper, criticism, negative thoughts, emotions and actions; feast on the fruits of the spirit: Love, Life, Wisdom, Power, Peace, Joy.

Resolve that with God's help:

I will endeavor to fast from...

Personal anxieties and take an interest in others
Fear and trust steadfastly in God
Scattering my forces and will practice concentration
Impatience and will practice tolerance
Belief in lack and give thanks for abundance
Loneliness and realize my oneness with God
Indecision I will know what I want to do and begin doing it.
Selfishness and consider my fellowmen.
Greed and instead give generously.
Gloom and cultivate a cheerful heart
Nervousness and irritability and will be calm and poised
Hurry and worry and be peaceful and serene
Belief in old age, sickness and death and know eternal youth and life everlasting.
Thinking about myself or others in critical or negative ways and I will see the Christ in every living being
Wishing and yearning to be a doer putting into practice the truth I know.

By the Grace of God I will do this.

Minister, Ruth M. Elmer
Sunday Services 11:00AM

Sunday 9:30 a.m
Adult Healing Forum Classes held at 9:30 a.m. Sundays studying the two books:
1) Susan De Mara's class based on the book "The Course in Miracles"
2) Thomas Troward's The "Law and The Word"

Wednesday Healing Prayers 11:00AM

Unity Temple of New Orleans, 3722 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115

Unity Temple is associated with Unity Institute, Unity Village, Missouri; is a member of the Association of Unity Churches, the organization that supports and coordinates the work of Unity churches worldwide; and is affiliated with the International New Thought Alliance, Mesa, Arizona.

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